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Beechcroft Cats Hotel offers two different types of heated chalet; UPVC or Traditional.

UPVC Chalets

Traditional Chalets

All chalets are heated, with indoor sleeping quarters and their own dedicated outside exercise area. Featuring both indoor and outdoor shelves for our guests to climb on, so they can look out and enjoy Beechcroft’s beautiful views.

Whichever chalet you choose, the feeding regime, cleaning routine, care and attention are exactly the same. The differences between the two types of chalet are the building materials and the way each chalet is separated from each other. It is personal preference which type of chalet you choose for your cat.

The timber built Traditional Chalets have a mesh side with a 2 foot (60cm) ‘sneeze gap’ to next door.

UPVC Chalets have a UPVC panel to the bottom and a glass panel to the top, to separate from the neighbouring chalet.

Both chalet types are cool in the summer months and warm in the winter.

Each chalet is licensed for up to two cats from the same household. We also have larger ‘Family Chalets’ licensed for up to four cats sharing, again only from the same household. One to four cats can occupy a Family Chalet with a minimum of a three cat daily rate.

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